A Few Words on Harmonizing

Did you ever wonder about music – like, who invented it? Take harmonious notes, for instance – who stumbled across them? “What the heck are you talking about??” (Just roll with me, okay? I’m going somewhere with this.) Harmonies are pleasing to the ear; the sounds just seem to go together and agree with one another, and that makes the brain feel good, if you will. Discordant tones, on the other hand, are out-of-tune and conflict with one another, and tend to send that little shiver up the spine that one experiences when fingernails come into contact with chalkboard. (So all of you who are under the impression that you can sing but really can’t… well… never mind… )
One of the reasons God gave us music was to teach us – in a very physical way – a spiritual truth. Harmony is all about the notes agreeing with each other. Amos 3:3 says, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” When God first made man, they walked together and hung around in each others’ company. They had companionship. Then… well, you know the story – all that good stuff was lost. And lots of people – the vast majority, in fact – think that’s the way things still are. But, it’s not.
Most people (Christians included) think God’s still mad. And, although I’m sure He could find an abundance of reasons to be mad at all of us if He wanted to, He doesn’t – and He isn’t. How can I (or anyone, for that matter) make such a ‘ridiculous’ statement after looking around at the condition of the world? Easy! Because God said so – and not only said so, but swore so! Look at Isaiah 54:9 if you don’t believe me: “… so have I sworn that I will not be angry with you, nor rebuke you.” Of course, this is foretelling of Jesus’ atoning work for all of us on the Cross. And when the Savior was finally born, didn’t the multitude of angels sing out, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”? (Luke 2:14) As far as God was concerned, peace and harmony between heaven and earth – between Himself and Man – had been completely restored by and through Jesus.
Regardless of what we’ve done (or may still be doing), God’s not mad at us. He may not like the things you’ve done, but He still loves you. Those tugs you feel at your heart, those thoughts you have that say, “Just turn around and come back” – that’s the Father, in His gentleness, calling. That’s your Dad telling you, “It’ll be okay, I’ll get you through – together we’ll make it just fine. Get back in agreement – in harmony – with Me. Even if you can’t sing, I’m still nuts about you!”

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