Don’t Be Afraid Of Scientology

As with many religions, Scientology can only really be understood by those who are faithful followers. From Tom Cruise to John Travolta, scientologist can appear secretive or even odd at times. There is no doubt that the religion is shrouded in mystery, but once the shell is cracked, some of its contents are quite fascinating.
As a person of follows the Christian faith, it is considered taboo to study the works of any religion other than Christianity. But unlike most Christians, I’m in pursuit of truth, not comfort. I believe that there is much to be learned from the religions of the world, and that you actually become a complete Christian once you understand this.
My interest in Scientology began when I was quite small. I remember seeing the commercials for the L. Ron Hubbard books on television, and I recalled thinking of how much sense they made. I was a pre-teen who was raised in a Baptist household, but I was too young to adhere to something because it was tradition. I was always a person who thought for themselves. At this present moment, I can’t specifically remember the contents of the commercial, but I do remember that I thought they were logical and interesting. It wasn’t until I buried myself in TBN and similar networks that I began to discount teachings that made sense. This is what religion does. It makes you ignore the pulling inside of you by telling you that it’s the devil trying to deceive you. It attempts to control the truth.
I didn’t think about Scientology for a couple of decades, and let’s be honest; Tom Cruise’s appearance on Oprah didn’t help their cause. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to actually read some of the literature that I’d seen commercials on some twenty years earlier. I must say that I was surprised at what I found. Apart from the whole Hollywood stuff about it, Scientology actually makes a lot of good points in certain areas. For example; Scientology teaches that demons are mental conditions caused by an abnormal mind. This is similar to the teachings of many religions that explain how demonic entities are thoughts. I go into this in my books as well. Scientology also teaches that humans will one day destroy themselves because of their stupidity and selfishness. This lines up with biblical teaching. Scientology teaches a lot of good points that any true student of spirituality would find interesting and informative. The bottom line is this: Don’t be afraid listen to other perspectives!

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