Have You ‘Found Yourself’ Yet?

Have you ever wondered how Jesus got His instructions, how He knew what He was supposed to do? Certainly, He got them from His Father; but, how – by what manner or means – did He receive them? It would be easy to just chalk it up to the fact that ‘He was Jesus,’ but that really doesn’t benefit anyone. As a matter of fact, if He enjoyed any advantage at all from the fact that He was the Son of God, we’d all be in this condition. In other words, if Jesus could call on something – anything – that wasn’t readily available to us as His disciples, then He wouldn’t be fair and just in requiring that we follow His example (John 13:15), and the best that we could look forward to would be… Okay, I’ll stop.
The fact of the matter is that Jesus got His instruction and leading in exactly the same way that we’re supposed to: by the written Word and by the Holy Spirit. He studied the Old Testament Law and prophetic writings for thirty years, so it’s safe to assume that He was pretty well-versed in them. But the difference between His teachings and those of the Jewish scribes, lawyers and priests was that, because His spirit was in complete and living union with the Father (unlike all other men’s dead spirits), He received fresh and light-filled revelation of the Scriptures and their meaning. That’s why people were astonished when they heard His doctrine as opposed to the same old “Thou shalt not-isms” taught by the scribes (Matthew 7:28-29).
Jesus studied for thirty years, but only after He was filled with the Holy Spirit did He launch out into His ministry (Matthew 4:17; Luke 4:14). But how did He know to do that? The Holy Spirit led Him, and revealed it to Him through the Scriptures He’d read. He went to the synagogue and flatly told the audience, reading directly from the book of Isaiah (61:1-2), “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach… ” He found Himself in the Scriptures – and not only there in Isaiah, but all over the place, from beginning to end. And the Holy Spirit within Him witnessed to and confirmed that those writings were referring to Him.
You’re in the Scriptures, too. You, me, every person who’s a child of God can and should find him- or herself in the Bible. You’ve probably already found a few things pertaining to you… particular Scriptures that for some reason or another always seem to lift your heart. Or a certain passage that gives you a specific direction to undertake, something that keeps drawing your attention back to it whenever you read over it. That happens because the Holy Spirit is whispering to you, witnessing that Word to your spirit. Those very same promptings deep inside, along with quality time spent in prayer (Matthew 14:23: Mark 1:35; Luke 6:12), instructed Jesus on where to go and what to do and say (Mark 1:38).
The same thing is true for all of us. Jesus didn’t use some ‘special ability’ that we’re not privy to. He walked out His life the same way He expects us to – being led directly by His Word and the Holy Spirit. So, find yourself; His love for you assures that you’re written in there too, and you can believe it’s something Good!

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