Locking Your Cooler with Cooler Locks

Locking Your Cooler with Cooler Locks

You want your cooler to be bear proof even it is a soft coolers on wheels? Then the first thing to do is to lock it properly. It will help not only in a wildlife situation but also it will keep unwanted hands from stealing. In this article, I will tell you how to keep your cooler to yourself and give some recommendations on cooler locks.

Remember to Lock Your Cooler

Unfortunately, wildlife danger to a cooler occurs less often than simple stealing. And sometimes people don’t want to save some money and buy themselves a good high-end cooler. Instead, they might just take yours if it isn’t secured. That is the common mistake people make when they buy an expensive cooler, which is great and is able to keep the ice for days, but forget to think about a simple lock. Moreover, cooler usually are not that unique. You may not be able to tell one from another. And that makes it that much easier for a thief to take your cooler and just walk away with it. What can you do to prevent such an awful situation? It is really simple. Lock your cooler to your truck bed and to the bench you sitting on, it frankly doesn’t matter. The point is, you have to lock it down to something that you can see or something static, so the cooler will be chained to it and no one without the key could take it.


The market is full with cooler locks. But if you really want to protect your beloved and high-end cooler from being stolen, you better choose something maybe more expensive, than just a basic lock. And to help you with that I have enlisted some of the most popular locks below. Remember: choose wisely!

Master Lock Python Adjustable Locking Cable

This lock is supposedly one of the most popular choices (over 2000 reviews on Amazon). It has a 6ft long cable, which is making it easy to fit onto a secure point in your truck or you can just wrap it around something that is near your campsite. It also has a pin timber locking mechanism, which is still one of the most effective devices. One more thing: the cable is coated with vinyl which makes it impenetrable.

Security Lock Bracket for Yeti Tundra

This lock brackets are hidden in the handle area of YETI Tundra. There is a special attachment point you can put the lock. However, this lock won’t stop anybody to get to the insides of a cooler. Its main duty is to secure the cooler to anything you choose. The bracket is not subject to rust, has rounded corners, so the cooler won’t be damaged.

Lumintrail Combination Padlock

Stylish, simple and reliable – all that applies to this lock. Vinyl coated 4ft cable is rust-resistant and provides a lot of options how to lock your cooler. Nice bonus – there are color options, black, red and silver.

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