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Prayers of the Faithful

                   Prayers of the Faithful

For the poor, the persecuted, the sick, and the unemployed; for all those suffering from depression or addiction, and for all those in any kind of danger.

For all those struggling with any form of addiction in our parish, especially alcohol, drugs, gambling and internet we pray to the Lord to give them the courage and strength to overcome their dependency.

We pray for families and loved ones affected by alcohol or other drug misuse in our parish.

We pray that all of us as a faith community will be more open to reach out to support those socially excluded or isolated.

Heavenly Father we ask you to bless all our families. May those who have a difficult situation seek and find the support they need.

Give healing to all who are on the road to recovery. May each step of the journey be marked with truth & honesty as sign-posts to wholeness.

Lord we pray for an end to illegal trafficking in harmful substances and for support for the Gardaí / PSNI and all law enforcement agencies.

Lord may all involved in the education and growth of young people teach and support good practice in prevention and education at all levels.

Lord may those who have not yet sought help find their way to treatment. May those in the medical profession and all who work at intervention and support be blessed in their work.

Lord we give thanks for all voluntary groups and agencies who support families, individuals and communities in dealing with difficult issues. May their efforts be rewarded through our prayer, help and encouragement.

Lord may our communities find spiritual growth through the efforts of 12 step groups, Prayer groups and all small groups that seek the spiritual path.

As the people chosen by God, let us bring before our Father in heaven the needs and prayers of all people.

– For the pope and all bishops, called by God to be “fishers of people,” that they may face with courage and hope the stormy waves of our time of renewal and continue without fear to preach the gospel of Christ.

– For missionaries, and all who spread the gospel, that by their own evangelical living and their openness to all they may bear witness to the universality and beauty of the message of Christ.

– For those called by the Lord to his special service as priests or religious, that their own experience of Christ may be the source of their strength to remain faithful to God’s call.

– For all Christians, that they may have the courage to risk their comfort and personal peace to help those addicted, prisoners and refugees, old parents, the sick and strangers.

– For our Christian communities, that the celebration of the eucharist may commit us more and more to one another and give us the strength to work together to make our communities alive in Christ.

Lord our God, we are but weak people. Make us fit to carry out any task you wish us to do, by the strength of Jesus Christ our Lord.



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