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Sponsor’s Guide

confirmation comit


As a Confirmation sponsor, you do have specific functions.

As part of The Confirmation Commitment you will be required to attend the service of light and make a commitment to the young person. This commitment will consist of the following:


  • The Commitment you will make to the young person will consist of you being a positive role model in their lives, after confirmation they will go through many challenging stages beginning with starting secondary school. This can be a difficult time for the candidate to adjust to and as a role model you could use any positive experiences of your own to help their coping skills improve.
  • Standing with the candidate before the bishop and the community helping the candidate live as a follower of Jesus


As a Confirmation sponsor, you could enrich the experience for the candidate and yourself if you consider the following;


  • The sponsor who presents a candidate for confirmation could take a role for assisting them in preparation for The Confirmation Commitment
  • Developing a faith relationship with the candidate
  • If you live close by, make plans to participate in the Eucharist (Mass) together especially preparation services


Some of the following suggestions will not be possible if you live away from the area but be creative and think of ways to be in contact with the candidate.


  • Arrange opportunities to spend time with the candidate and to enjoy being together. Some of these times can relate directly to the Confirmation programme.
  • Discuss with the candidate the efforts, progress and problems experienced in preparing for the reception of Confirmation.
  • See if there are any questions or concerns they have about confirmation & the challenges of moving to Secondary School
  • Offer suggestions and encouragement, as they are needed.
  • Keep in contact with your candidate either in person or on the telephone.



We pray that your role as a sponsor will be an enriching one.


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