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Temperance Resource Pack




Andy was six weeks out of treatment when he phoned, Friday afternoon at 4.30p.m., ‘Can we meet Eamonn, I am desperate and on the drink’.  I suggested that we talk when he was sober, to which he replied – ‘I can only talk when I am drinking’.  He insists that we meet in a City centre pub.  As he looks at his pint he says:  ‘its poison, its killing me, I asked my friends to shoot me but they refused.  Can you help meI hate myself.  I am no good’.  A week later he phones again to tell me his GP has a new drug that has worked with ‘heavy drinkers’ allowing them have two or three a few times a week and not want for more.  Andyhas a long journey ahead.  Every reader knows the story; it’s a familiar one, only the names change.

Tara tells her Primary School Teacher, ‘I am ashamed to bring my friends home as I don’t know what state my mother will be in drink or what mess the house will be in’.  What a weight on such young shoulders.

I asked Paschalto write a reflection to help people affected by alcohol/ drugs.  The following was among his prayers and reflections:

My faith waned when life strained

My faith left when I lost hope

My faith in you was all but gone

Until I realized it was you who helped me carry on’

The Pastoral Response to Substance Misuse, pocket book of prayers and reflections is a reflective resource to give hope, support and the will to carry on, to all the Andys, Taras, Paschals, families, those in treatment, recovery and denial.

Temperance, balance in life, change of heart begins within. This booklet is an aid to inner reflection. It invites us to go into our inner room and ‘ponder God’s Word in our heart’.  Gradually through reflecting on God’s love for each one of us, ‘The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want’ comes alive.

The Psalms speak to every mood and life’s happenings.  They are the distilled faith-filled prayers that have stood the test of time.

‘Save me, God, for the waters have reached my neck,

I have sunk into the mire of the deep, where there is no foothold’ (Ps:69).






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